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Episode 17:

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In today’s episode we’ll be discussing the 4 phases of the female hormonal cycle and learning about how to optimize each phases to your advantage — I’m going to try and keep it simple for you — male or female, this information can be super helpful to educate your female patients on or your spouse or significant other  —  we are going to be talking all about the diffrent hormonal cycles female body goes through on a monthly basis —  and I’ll relate them to the seasons of the year Winter, spring, fall, summer — 

Within the 4 phases I will talking about specific diets, cooking methods and workouts to consider — keep in mind — the diet recommendations are optimal for your monthly fluctuation of your hormonal cycle which means — they are short term, so when I say kept style, don’t think that because it’s recommended within a certain phase of your hormonal cycle that you should eat this way all the time — the diet recommendations are beneficial to support your hormones and endocrine system. I just wanted to make that clear — I will always promote a plant-based diet across the board, b/c it IS THE HEALTHIEST way to eat — but I also see the benefit of including diffrent styles of eating to maximize living a healthy life — so now that that’s out of the way, lets dive in 

Phase #1 Follicular

7-10 days; Begins directly after your period ends. This is SPRING season for females;  PREPARE phase. This is the time to be creative, dream, brainstorm, prepare, plan, research, be curious, set your intentions for the day/week/year, fill your calendar, take course etc. 

Diet: Intermittent Fasting, Calorie restriction — your appetite is surpassed, so it’s easier for your body to handle a reduction in calories, which can help with weight loss in the first 1/2 of your cycle 

Cooking: Steaming, Sauté — as estrogen is on the rise, opt for light cooking methods 

Workout: cardio 

Phase #2 Ovulatory

3-4 days; This is SUMMER for females; Estrogen rises dramatically. This is the time toOPEN UP phase. It’s a great time to socialize, talk about plans, collaborate, schedule dates, meetings, interviews, connect, have important  conversations.  

Diet: Raw vegan — as estrogen peaks, vegetables aid in metabolizing the hormone to prevent an excessive build up and to avoid estrogen dominance. As your body temp rises, cooler foods are best. 

Cooking: Raw, salads, smoothies, juices — estrogen is surging, your body is at it’s warmest — enjoy fresh, raw, foods — veggies, fruits, salads — stick to lighter preparations 

Workout: HIIT, Boot camps, kickboxing 

Phase #3 Luteal

10-14 days; FALL season. WORK phase. This is the time to tend to things, get it done! Get organized, accomplish goals. Tend to your home, finances, and admin stuff. Nurture, do deep work. 

Diet: Complex carbs — Your body needs more calories during tis phase, and slow-burning complex carbs and beans provide calories while stabilizing blood sugar 

Cooking: Roasting, Baking — estrogen levels are dipping 

Workout: Weighs/Strength training (first 1/2) 

               Pilates/Barre (second 1/2)

Phase #4 Mensural

3-7 days; this is like the winter season for our bodies. 

This is the REST phase. This is the time when it’s best to relax and reflect. Be kind to yourself and review all the good things you’ve accomplished. This is a good time to EVALUATE and to TRUST your INTUITION, trust those instincts — 

Diet: Paleo/Grain free — as hormone levels and your body temp drop during this phase, skip the foods that promote estrogen metabolism and stick to warming foods. A kept, paleo, or grain free diet can give your body what it needs during your monthly bleed. 

Cooking: Soups, stews — your body is at it’s coolest — prepare warm, hearty foods 

Workouts: Walking, foam rolling, yoga, rest/nap


Today’s episode content was inspired by a recent book I read called In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life 

I highly recommend it if you are struggle with female hormonal related issues. As humans, and especially as healthcare professionals, we have the POWER to take control of our health and we can empower others to do the same!! 

Would love to hear your thoughts over in the FB Community!! 

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My goal is to help you create healthy lasting lifestyle habits using simple tools and following convenient programs that literally millions of other people have used and gotten results with. Simple plans for busy lives that get you results. 

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