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I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know about something exciting that’s been in the making! The Passive Income Nurse Podcast!! You guys, this has been on my heart for some time to start a podcast. It’s been kind of a messy journey to say the least as far as what I was going to name it, what content I was going to be sharing, etc. And just through some clarity calling and just doing some work and just really taken ACTION, I am ready to launch The Passive Income Nurse out into the world.

So this is for you…if you are a nurse or a healthcare professional who’s feeling:

  • Burnt-out, unfulfilled, overwhelmed are frustrated with hospital administration or the overall broken healthcare system
  • You’re tired of working 12’s, night shifts, holidays & weekends
  • Maybe your hours have been cut or you wanna work overtime, but the hours aren’t available
  • You feel stuck in your career, are searching for your purpose
  • Or you just want more time at home with your family, more financial freedom to be able to do what you want when you want
  • Is work leaving you feeling exhausted and spent; Work gets the best of you while your family gets what’s left of you?
  • Maybe you wanna be able to work PT or per-diem and actually be able to show up to work as your BEST SELF to love on your patients AND have some left over for your family when you get home
  • How would it feel to be able to pay off all of your student loans in this lifetime, or maybe eventually be completely debt free!?

I know as a healthcare professional you really want to be able to help people. It’s your passion, it’s what you were called to do but every time you walk into work you’re spent, mentally. You wish there was another way you could help people without sacrificing time away from your family. You don’t want to completely abandoned your hard earned career, but you do desire a life that’s filled with time & financial freedom! That’s what this podcast is for!! It is to really help you figure out other ways that you can make money as a healthcare professional without necessary leaving your career…unless you want to, of course. Making money online isn’t complicated, and depending on your goals, it’s gonna look diffrent for each of us. Wanna make a couple extra hundred dollars per month? COOL! Wanna replace your salary? DOABLE!

As you listen to the podcast, you are going to hear hundreds of different ways that you can make money online. And maybe that is to free up your schedule and give you some time freedom & financial freedom. Maybe it’s you going from working full-time to part-time. Maybe it’s taking control of your schedule altogether and going per diem, or, shoot, maybe you don’t want to work in healthcare at all. But, I want to bring you ideas of ways that you can make money online so you can TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SCHEDULE and to be able to just LIVE YOUR LIFE & focus on the things that really matter!

Whether you’ve ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur or you wanna explore that or a side hustle. Maybe blogging has been on your heart, or you’re on the fence about getting involved with a network marketing or multi-level marketing company. Affiliate marketing, Virtual Assisting, Freelancing…whatever the case, you’re about to get all the deets!!

You’re gonna discover that you can make an impact + make an income while being at home and raising your littles! Between me and my guests experts who have done the damn thing, you’re gonna be able to see all the different options out there where you might be able to make some extra money and be able to figure out which ones may be a good fit for you. I’m gonna help you pave this new path to TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR SCHEDULE, my friend!! I’m super excited to start this journey with you and I cannot wait for episode #1!!

Attention: All Nurses and Healthcare Professionals Looking to Make Some Money Online? Work from Home, Side Hustle, Entrepreneur, Network Marketing. LISTEN IN!


I probably don’t have to tell you that there are an insane amount of diet & exercise programs out there that you could follow. But, the one question I want you to ask yourself is “what is my ultimate goal?”. Can we agree that living a healthy life and being able to show up as our best self is what matters most? If you’re looking for a quick fix or for a magic supplement that’s gonna make you healthy without having to put in some effort on your part-you’re in the wrong place. My goal is to help you create healthy lasting lifestyle habits using simple tools and following convenient programs that literally millions of other people have used and gotten results with. Simple plans for busy lives that get you results. 

My goal is to help you create healthy lasting lifestyle habits using simple tools and following convenient programs that literally millions of other people have used and gotten results with. Simple plans for busy lives that get you results. 

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