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Would you like to you can turn your passion for health & wellness into an online business and be your own CEO? If you know in your heart that living a healthy lifestyle is the solution to preventing disease, let’s join hands. Using proven solutions, we can partner together to change lives & impact generations— together, we can be the healthy change our country needs. 

Maybe working in healthcare (especially right now during the pandemic) is starting to take a toll on you…your health & wellness and your family. Let’s work together to change that! You can get healthy + build an online business around helping others do the same! Partnered with myself & a growing billion dollar company that has already created lifestyle programs & products, I will strategically teach you how to build a strong business generating passive income (aka make $ while you sleep) that will be built to last a lifetime! We’re in the time of times. The opportunity of opportunities. How does six-pack and six-figures sound? 

So here’s the deal, I know you’re skeptical, because I was too. As a nurse I had the training, skills and the knowledge to keep someone alive…I worked in the ER and saved peoples lives and with that comes some respected pride. But…I hated working the long 12 hour shifts. I hated working weekends and holidays. I hated having to send my kids to daycare. I was stressed out. I struggled to balance chaotic work life and busy mom life. It was disheartening taking care of patient after patient with chronic illnesses due to an unhealthy lifestyle and “treating” them with drugs. I was getting burnt out. I started feeling unfulfilled in my career. I felt stuck. 

Then, I was presented with an opportunity. An opportunity to build a business from home, around my families schedule, advocating living a healthy lifestyle!! I started to envision the impact this business could have on others. I started to envision the life I could create for my family with this opportunity. I started to dream, I was lit up inside. I wanted to promote health, I wanted to help people change their lives. I wanted to make an impact on healthcare and prevent vs. prescribe, cure vs. camouflage.  

If you’re in healthcare, I want you to think about the business opportunity like this. As a healthcare professional you’re essentially “partnering” with the pharmaceutical industry to “help” patients, right? Why not partner with a reputable health & wellness company and get payed to help people live healthier, become your own boss, pay off debt and create the life you want for you and your family?! 

Big Pharma:             

  • treating symptoms of dis-ease with prescription drugs     
  • medications cause multiple side effects 
  • no direct reimbursement to you (do you get payed for every time you prescribe or administer a drug?) 
  • drug reps treat you to lunch 


  • healthy lifestyle plans (the solution to 80% of actual health problems)
  • no side effects 
  • earn $ for every person you help
  • earn free trips/tropical payed vacations + take your family 
  • trusted & proven programs and products 
  • scientifically tested (extensive research & development is already done for you- no need to spend your time or $ on creating programs + products, you’re partnered with a reputable billion dollar company with 20 + years experience) 

Now, I gonna address the business model because direct selling aka network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) often get a bad rap. I find that a lot of people want to label it as “pyramid scheme”, but let’s be open minded and take a look at how the model actually WORKS. Simply put, direct selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to customers away from a fixed retail location. 

How you earn income: 

1) Commission earrings 25%-40%  

2) Building a Team (aka showing others how to promote health with the Beachbody business opportunity)- this allows you to expand your reach & make a bigger impact beyond just those you personally help get healthy. As a team, we can all help more people collectively. Growing your team helps create residual/passive income + receive bonus rewards. 

3) Other perks- Programs & products are clinically based (clinical trials and studies done, evidence proven including fitness, nutrition & supplements). Turn-key online business, minimal overhead, no brick & mortar needed, low cost to start, no inventory needed, no lump sum investment (kinda like a franchise without all the fees), make income right away, create residual income (i.e. go on vacation and still get payed). Starting a business on your own can be hard & stressful, especially if you’re doing it alone. With Beachbody the marketing is done for you and you’re never in business alone, there’s tons of resources and an entire community for support. This direct selling business model is actually recommended by wealthy, successful leaders such as Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy. 

What can Beachbody do for you? 

  • Give you a platform to promote health, lifestyle wellness
  • Earn extra money, pay off debt, student loans, etc. 
  • Earn FREE vacations for you and your family 
  • Become part of a FUN, uplifting community
  • Create your own schedule
  • Cut down hours at current job, replace your income
  • Retire from your job, retire your spouse 
  • Allow you to DREAM & make an IMPACT on the world! 

What Beachbody offers:

  • Fitness and Nutrition Programs rigorously developed, tested, and refined with doctors, nutritionist and fitness experts
  • Mission: To help other live healthier, more fulfilling lives! 
  • Customers’ health, safety and well-being are their # 1 concern
  • 24/7 customers support
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Personal website & office + complete library of tools
  • Millions of customers
  • Proven, results-driven fitness programs and health & nutrition solutions 
  • Independent business opportunity as a Team Beachbody Coach- rewards are physical, personal and financial 
  • Change people’s lives by supporting them with simple tools to live healthier lives
  • Empower people to live their healthiest life & reach they fullest potential 
  • Healthy, proven solution to the obesity epidemic in the United States 

This is an opportunity to make this world better, healthier! If you’ve read this far, my hope is that you’ll see the magnitude of this business opportunity. If you have the desire to promote health, you see the need for a health & wellness focused approach to helping others live healthier lives, you have the opportunity to change your life and the lives of others.  

Feel free to email me at or browse my website at for more info.


I probably don’t have to tell you that there are an insane amount of diet & exercise programs out there that you could follow. But, the one question I want you to ask yourself is “what is my ultimate goal?”. Can we agree that living a healthy life and being able to show up as our best self is what matters most? If you’re looking for a quick fix or for a magic supplement that’s gonna make you healthy without having to put in some effort on your part-you’re in the wrong place. My goal is to help you create healthy lasting lifestyle habits using simple tools and following convenient programs that literally millions of other people have used and gotten results with. Simple plans for busy lives that get you results. 

My goal is to help you create healthy lasting lifestyle habits using simple tools and following convenient programs that literally millions of other people have used and gotten results with. Simple plans for busy lives that get you results. 

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